Wido Uvin (°1991)

Photo: Frank Hendrickx

Wido Uvin is a Conservatory trained classical guitarist and also plays the electric guitar, the lute and teorbo. As a classical guitarist, Wido plays music from the baroque up to contemporary music. He is hired regularly as a studio music guitarist on short delay and just  loves the kick this kind of work gives him. Wido is also a composer of classical music and pop music. Please find some samples of his compositions on this website. 

Wido Uvin teaches classical guitar at the Music Academy of Aalst and plays guitar in quite different ensembles and bands such as Turmali, a classical guitar quartet, in La Folie Jolie and The Baseball Bats, two cover bands, and Mourning Jack.

Leopold Kronenbourg is his alternative pop duo and guilty pleasure for which he writes all the songs and lyrics. 



+32 474 57 26 74


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